Playback Entertainment

Job: Design an informational and elegant website.



The Technology Doctor Flyer

Job: Design a promotional flyer to give customers.
Description: TTD needed a detailed menu-flyer to hand to its customers. The finished product can be used online through email and in print for a hardcopy distribution.



Team T-Shirt

Job: Design t-shirt for missions trip.
Description: A group of collage students went on a missions trip to the Philippines and asked for a team shirt.








Job: Design logo and business card.




EcoTrek Foundation

Job: Develop a website with WordPress and integrate an extensive social networking plan.

Description: EcoTrek, a non-profit foundation, needed a website that could have regularly updated events, blog and informational content. We had a very quick turnaround time with this project – having the site finished by the launch of EcoTrek’s next widly publicized tour accross the U.S. In addition to the website, social networking profiles were integrated throughout the site.

Proto-Works Precision Machining Inc.

Job: Design HTML and CSS website and market via local online business sites.
Description: Being one of the few machine shops in Westlake Village, Proto-Works needed a website to give prospects infomation on what they can do and where they are located. Since launching the website and submiting the url for local search queries, Proto-Works have received countless leads with many becoming actual customers.

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